Name of artwork: Nocturne

Name of artist: Joanna Ng, Joyce Teo

School: Raffles Institution, Gan Eng Seng School


Lesson idea

Time / Contemplation / Mood / Silent Narrative / Image / Composition / Photography

This lesson unit can be used to guide students on creating desired mood(s) in their artworks. It is suitable for Upper Secondary or JC students who are new to, or weak at responding creatively to given themes.


Responding to Artwork:

  • Creative Writing Exercise – students can imagine and write a short story, poem or dialogue that they think will make a suitable voice-over.
  • Class can re-enact or narrate to share their piece.
  • Class can then describe the mood conveyed in the film and analyse the aesthetic decisions made by the artist to convey such mood(s). Teacher can use film stills and the routine, “what makes you say that?” to facilitate the discussion.

Art Task:

Students will:

  • Be given a stimulus (either a word, an object, or a piece of conversation)
  • Collect visual research relevant to a given stimulus through their own photography or via Pinterest
  • Lay out all images (hard copy) and start curating a mood-board, annotate only if need be.
  • Conduct 2nd round of visual research to expand mood-board
  • Construct a narrative with minimal words to express mood of the given stimulus. Students can choose to paint, illustrate, assemble objects, make a photo-journal, film and etc.



Camera for individual students and a good colour printer




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