This lesson is suitable for students in : Secondary 3

Artwork title: Soaring…? 

Name of artist: Lee Soo Cheng (Candy)

Possible Guiding Questions for discussing art Possible lesson ideas for making art

1.     What do you see in the sculpture?

2.     Describe the lines, colours and textures.

3.     How are the textures created?

4.     What do the lines and texture remind you of?

5.     How do you think the sculpture is made? How are the parts joined together?

6.     How does the space where the work is displayed contribute to the meaning of the sculpture?

7.     If you could install the sculpture in your school, where would you install it? Why?

8.     If the sculpture was made bigger or smaller, what would be the impact?

9.     How else can we convey a similar artistic intent in another medium? What made you say that?



Lesson 1:

  • Teacher to lead discussions on their significance in the space which they were displayed.

Lesson 2-3:

  • Based on the theme “freedom”, students brainstorm on the objects or animals that are associated with the theme.
  • Students source for reference images for their sculptures.
  •  Student explore various designs and sketch their designs on paper, showing the front view, side view, back view (top and bottom views are optional).
  • Students share their ideas and designs with the class, and the classmates to give suggestions for improvements. Students continue refining their designs based on feedback given by teacher and classmates.

Lesson 4:

  • Students use plasticine to make a maquette of their designs.
  • Students reflect on the difficulties they faced when constructing their designs. They can modify their designs based on their trials with the maquettes.
  • Students present their maquettes and class give feedback.

Lesson 5-7:

  • Students make their sculptures after teacher approves their designs and maquettes.
  • Teacher demonstrates basic ceramic techniques such as pinching and coiling. This is followed by firing of their works and then a session on glazing of their works.

Lesson 8:

  • Teacher conducts a session for each student to reflect and present their final work


An art exhibition may be organized to showcase students’ works.

Students can also share the making of ceramic pots with the rest of the school.

Artist references:

1)     Jessie Lim:!orbs-and-spires/cmiz

2)     Jason Lim:!ceramics

3)     Steven Low:

4)     Susan Beiner:


Sketchbooks, plasticine, Powerpoint slides, clay, glazes, ceramic tools.
The lessons are conducted in a studio format. Sufficient time must be provided for students to develop their ideas. Possible challenges include:

1)     Students may not develop their ideas at the same pace.

2)     Students may have problems handling plasticine and clay.

3)     Not all students may finish their works at the same time for bisque firing. Time management could be an issue.

4)     Students may not be able to join parts of their sculptures properly.

Lessons should be paced between 4 to 8 lessons depending on the number of students and their capabilities.




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