2015, Ceramics, steel rods, 45cm x 35cm x 80cm

By LEE SOO CHENG CANDY, Yishun Town Secondary School


Youthful little beings,

Full of energy and aspiration,

In search of life and adventure,

Are you really ready, my precious ones?

To conquer my fear of using clay as a medium, I decided to make one which represents my feeling of apprehension whenever I make ceramics. In making this sculpture, I challenge the conventional methods of clay’s usage beyond plates and pots. Through manipulation of its malleability, clay’s possibilities are explored. The combination of steel rods with ceramic eggs enhances the feeling of suspense and apprehension.

As one overcomes fear by facing fear itself, one grows stronger from the experience, much like the sensation of growing up and leaving the nest. I hope that the eggs would take flight and soar.





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