Artwork Title: Visages of Mortality

Name of Artist: Clifford Chua Kok Yong

School: Palm View Primary School


Possible Guiding Questions For Discussing Art


1.     What do you see in this series of drawings? (E.g. recognisable objects, people, environment) 

2.     Describe the forms, lines, textures, colours etc in the artwork.

3.     How do you feel when looking at the artworks? What are some emotive words that come to your mind when you see the artworks? What makes you say that?

4.     Where do you think the artist has drawn inspiration for this series of work? What do you think the artist is trying to convey through this series of work? 

5.     If you have a chance to meet the artist, what questions would you like to ask him? Why are these questions of interest to you?






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