2015, Acrylic on canvas, 180cm x 90cm 

By CHONG KUI CHEONG GABRIEL, Bedok North Secondary School

This work explores the idea of ‘big fish eating small fish’, adopting the style of narrative art which is similar to how biblical stories were painted. When seeing this painting, viewers may come up with their own interpretations, influenced by their personal experiences. The shark with luscious lips and eyelashes, a fish with a wound, a frogfish, a sword fish, a metallic fish, a wooden fish, a clown fish and a rockfish make up the commentary. The inverted heads, gold fish, octopus and land plants in the water all contribute to the narrative. The painting of objects may look realistic but they are meant to be more symbolic, as the whole concept is a satire on life. The bright colours show activeness, whereas the black background may be related to sombreness and danger. My painting is inspired by the uncertainty of the chaotic world we live in today. The strangling tentacles and camouflaged rockfish might also remind one of conflicts and escapism. The large composition makes it easy for the viewers to be absorbed into the painting, actively engaging in the patterns of life.





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