2015, Charcoal drawing on paper, Stop-motion animation, 150cm x 150cm


LEE CHONG YUAN LORRAINE, National Junior College

ONG XI WEI GRACE, Hwa Chong Institution

TAN SIANG YU, Hwa Chong Institution



Trace is a performance-based work that draws inspiration from the idea of land and our relationship with it. Learning and understanding more about the world we live in, we were interested in how humans impact their environment — how our discoveries of land correlated with urbanisation. Trace allows us to visualise three different individuals’ ideologies of how civilisations progress through time. Concurrently through time, we experience how our different ideologies work together to negotiate spaces that we are directly responsible for.

Throughout the performance, a shot of the performance process is documented every 15 seconds, from start to finish. These photos are edited into a stop-motion video that will loop continuously, conveying our understanding of urban development as we have witnessed and will witness in times to come.





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