Artwork Title: Urban Construction

Name of Artist: Erman AB,  Koh Wei Ling and Tan Kuay Yong

School: Swiss Cottage Secondary School, Serangoon Garden Secondary School, Jurongville Secondary School


Art as Narrative and Inspiration

How can students learn to create narratives based on inspirations from a local context?

I imagine this lesson to be adapted for secondary three students. This lesson will probably stretch for about a term. It will include teacher’s demonstration, students’ hands-on activities, research, reflections and discussions.

Objective/ Instructions:

Students will:

  • Visit a neighbouring estate and observe people interacting.
  • Observe the happenings and analyse what is happening based on visual references from their subjects.
  • Record these observations through photography
  • Quick sketches and annotations in student’s sketchbooks are also encouraged as part of gathering information.
  • Share these records back in class and discuss on students’ interest in approaching the subject matter.
  • Analyse principle of designs that have been applied in the photographs.
  • Respond to works of Andreas Lieby Christopher (, Dan Mountford ( with the use of ‘Let’s Talk About Art’ package. This will help students to look at the artworks closely and extract visual evidence to justify their analysis.
    • (Example from Let’s Talk About Art package) What Makes You Say That?

Students will look at an artwork and answer the following questions:

        • What’s going on in the artwork?
        • What do you see that makes you say that?
        • What other information is there (in the artwork) that supports what you say?
  • Utilise the package to come up with a possible narrative.
    • (Example from Let’s Talk About Art package) Beginning, Middle, End
      • If this artwork were the BEGINNING of a story, what might happen next?
      • If this artwork were the MIDDLE of a story, what might have happened before? What might be about to happen?
      • If this artwork is the END of a story, what might the story be about?
  • Revisit the same estate to capture different portraits of people (or their own self-portrait) and the urban scape that they are in.
  • Create a narrative based on their photographs.
  • Explore and experiment the different layering of the portraits and the urban scape using Adobe Photoshop (primarily blending options of the different layers).
  • Create a final work that will successfully express their narrative.
  • Print the final composition.
  • Write about their work using Feldman’s DAIE theory.
  • Have a gallery walk with all the works up and have a critique session.
  • Reflect again based on their peers’ works and evaluate their work.


  • Portraits of people and/or of students, space, symbols of their identities
  • Digital camera and digital software (Adobe Photoshop)
  • Let’s Talk About Art package

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