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Eitaro Ogawa and Tamae Iwasaki believe it is important for artists to adopt the spirit of fearless exploration and encouraged the teachers to play freely with printmaking techniques in order to discover their unique artistic identity. The Print-With-Me collective hopes to utilise printmaking as a visual language to explore the idea of being at home with their own individuality in order to answer the question of ‘Who am I?’ both as a person and also within a community.


by Print-With-Me Collective (Chan Xiuwei Felicia, Chua Lee Beng, Grace Cheng, Ng Siew Kuan, Nurhanani Bte Sarifuddin & Ong Theng Choo)

Interested to learn more? Check back soon for an interview with the collective about the process of making this work. To see the collective’s final piece, come down to the SOTA Art Gallery from 6 March – 15 March 2019 for aedge 2019.

Want to see more artworks under the ETERNITY subtheme? Click here for more.

Also see: Chances by Ng Siew Kuan, who is also a member of the Print-With-Me collective.


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