Chances deals with Ng Siew Kuan’s contemplation of the falling leaves that she encountered on her evening walks along Jalan Pelikat Park Connector. Its premise is based on the game of chance. In making the prints, Ng was not too bogged down with making accurate registration or inking, choosing instead to accept any imperfections.

Ng believes leaves are like our thumb prints, as no two are exactly the same. In this work, she would like to capture the intricacies of the structures. She will make two prints of every leaf and invite viewers to find matching ones in the configuration.

siewkuan_aedge19_04.jpg        siewkuan_aedge19_07.jpg










by Ng Siew Kuan

To see Ng’s final piece, come down to the SOTA Art Gallery from 6 March – 15 March 2019 for aedge 2019.

Want to see more artworks under the ETERNITY subtheme? Click here for more.

Also see: At Home With Myself by the Print-With-Me collective, which Ng is also a part of.

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