Buns & Tables

Students are required to ‘bun up’ their hair whenever they enter any special rooms especially the Art Studios. Inspired by the way the students personalise this ‘hair bun’ and how they interpret this guideline, Buns & Tables explores the relationships of how students ‘bun up’ their hair in accordance with their personalities. by Muhammad Nasiruddin Bin Abdul Razak […]

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Chances deals with Ng Siew Kuan’s contemplation of the falling leaves that she encountered on her evening walks along Jalan Pelikat Park Connector. Its premise is based on the game of chance. In making the prints, Ng was not too bogged down with making accurate registration or inking, choosing instead to accept any imperfections. Ng believes […]

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Nature’s prints

Nature’s prints is about preserving nature. While Fan Yumei, Yvonne was attending her school’s staff retreat last December, the topics of discussion revolved around the Fourth Industrial Revolution where rapid technological advancements is changing the way students learn. With the focus on smart technology, they may not appreciate the nature around them. Hence, Fan’s journey […]

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We have occasions where we want to remove a label from an object. The action of peeling something off requires intense concentration and might. Peel is about recovery and reconciliation with things we have done in the past and the wish to remove the marks left behind. by Angie Dai Huiling To see Dai’s final piece, come […]

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In Everglow, Rachel Tan explores the concept of light and darkness, with the latter allowing us to fully understand the former. Being traditionally trained in drawing and painting, Tan has always experimented with methods of manipulating 2D media to create the illusion of light. However, for this project, she wanted to extend the viewer’s experience by […]

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