Fan Yumei_aedge19_04.jpeg

Nature’s prints is about preserving nature. While Fan Yumei, Yvonne was attending her school’s staff retreat last December, the topics of discussion revolved around the Fourth Industrial Revolution where rapid technological advancements is changing the way students learn. With the focus on smart technology, they may not appreciate the nature around them. Hence, Fan’s journey commenced to preserve what we have now for future generations.

Fan was inspired by how monotype and cyanotype printmaking techniques could capture details of plants, and eventually utilised eco-printing to extract the natural pigments from the plant and preserve them on paper.

Fan Yumei_aedge19_05.jpegFan Yumei_aedge19_08.jpg






by Fan Yumei, Yvonne

To see Fan’s final piece, come down to the SOTA Art Gallery from 6 March – 15 March 2019 for aedge 2019.

Want to see more artworks under the ETERNITY subtheme? Click here for more.

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