Installation of image transfers on found wood, metal, and tile, 2022
Ryan Goh Wen Xian
CHIJ Katong Convent

If image-making is associated with art in a gallery space, then what would it look like to make an image that strives to question that very premise? The production of imagery beyond the art world is also ephemeral – the stain of a poster that has ripped enamel off a wall; the residue of tape that stubbornly clings to a pillar. Through photographically rendering these moments as image transfers onto similar materials, this work playfully extends the original image’s viewership through echoing iterations. The reincarnated images respond to architectural features in the gallery, further interweaving the space within and outside the gallery in dialogue, and questioning how the loss of an image can look reflexively at the nature of imagery. The photographic medium belies an inauthenticity of the reproduced image – here, in the wake of a functional image, something else is found.

Ryan Goh is an interdisciplinary artist who works primarily with video and installation. 

Bantering with ideas of representation, Ryan’s work skeptically indulges iterations of a perennial longing. Through looking reflexively at art, imagery, and the creative process, his work attempts to reconcile hope, futility, striving, and acceptance within a redemptive gesture. Ryan graduated with a BFA in Studio with Distinction at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. His work has been shown at screenings and exhibitions in Singapore, Chicago, Berlin and Rome. He spends too much time trying to figure out what he spends too much time on. 

Read more about a e d g e 2022 and the existing artworks.

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