Acrylic, 2022
Keh Hwee Peng Irisse & Tham Chee Yoong
Hua Yi Secondary School

“Moving Bloom” is an attempt to explore space within seemingly hard, translucent acrylic into an animated play of motion, lights and reflection unfolding while it blooms. The interplay of space created within the shapes made it possible for hard forms to be transformed into malleable  forms of the petals then strung together, transforming the surface of seemingly cold, hard and static plastic. Married to the moving mechanical parts of interconnected gears, these illuminated shapes makes use of form in motion to radiate outwards in space despite its small stature. 

Keh Hwee Peng Irisse has been teaching Art since she graduated as a BA Art Specialist in 1996. A National Day Efficiency Award Medallist 2007, National ICT Awardee 2010, Excellent Service Star Awardee 2010,  MESA Platinum Awardee 2019 and MOE Academy Awards Associate Awardee 2018, 2019 , 2020, Irisse is currently the Lead Teacher (Art) of Hua Yi Secondary School.  Though she specialises in 2-D painting,  Irisse experimented with various media in her teaching and art making. Her works were exhibited in several combined art exhibitions and she was also featured in Young Contemporary Artist Directory 2000.

Mr Tham Chee Yoong joined MOE in 2011 as Technical Support Officer/ Educational workshop instructor (Design and Technology) . He is currently attached to Hua Yi Secondary School. Mr Tham specialised in mechanical engineering, one of his fields of interest. He has also been involved in several art projects throughout his career.  An Innergy Award (Commendation) recipient in 2013 and 2018, Mr Tham’s innovative and creative ideas and contributions have won him several OCA and MOE-MSEA awards. He was also recently featured in Insights Nov 2021 article for his ground up initiative of housekeeping practices in Hua Yi Secondary School.

Read more about a e d g e 2022 and the existing artworks.

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