Artists Block

Artist Blocks attempts to bring the unnoticed visible, attributing value to the ‘debris’ produced by students during their art-making process by casting them into brick-shaped forms which are akin to the notion of Artist’s Block. To view Artists Blocks, visit us! By: Diana Ghazali and Joscelin Chew

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In this installation, memories that represent an educator’s journey are encapsulated within each bottle. Every bottle is representative of an individual’s reflections. The uncapped bottles symbolises memories which one hopes to release, while capped bottles symbolises memories that an individual desires to treasure. To view Memories, visit us! By: Angie Dai Huiling

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Worn In

In Worn In, the Artists have borrowed the visual language employed by furniture chain IKEA and designed pieces of pseudo furniture. The result is an intriguing space that poses the question of what makes a space one that is truly worn-in, and a space for the living? by Aini Azidah, Megan Miao, Georgiana Phua To view Worn In, visit […]

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Aini Azidah // Pioneer Junior College // Installation // 100cm by 40cm An immersive field of flowers draws viewers in with its textural quality. The scene of vivid colour invites viewers to submerse themselves into this scene of surreality. The flowers hover between being flora and bearing resemblance to the hand, disembodiedly waving in the […]

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Ang Siew Ching // Northbrooks Secondary School // Film // 4 mins ‘Variance’ is a ‘city symphony’ genre film created through a series of still frames taken around a quaint, old estate. The still frames function as studies of different areas in the estate and their collision with filmic time explores how filmic structures, such […]

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Compass Rose

Angela Toh, Angelo Leung, Cheong Choo Mui, Clara Tai, Clare Wee, Dorathy Lye, Gregory Silver, Katherine Silver, Pamela Chan, Sherlene Ng // Singapore International School, Hong Kong // Installation This artwork draws inspiration from the symbolic representation of the shepherd’s staff as a tool that guides the direction for a flock of sheep. The role […]

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Blue-Haired Lady

Anisah Bte Salim // Coral Primary School // Newspaper Weaving // 150cm by 150cm The art of weaving is one of the oldest suviving crafts in the world. The tradition of weaving traces back to approximately 12,000 years ago. I have been using recycled materials in my art-making and teaching. When I saw the work […]

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Land Art Presentation Belize Chan, Innova Primary School // Nur Jannah,  Macpherson Primary School // Pang Chiaw Yong, Damai Secondary School // Installation // 300cm by 300cm Altering the space/environment interaction between humans/environment and work; repurposing the detritus of the place. the soul of the space could be seen/understood/contacted in the debris of the lives […]

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Beryl Kwok Liwen // Victoria Junior College // Watercolour //  ‘Boat’ is a series of work depicting the loneliness of an individual in the vastness and extensiveness of life. The series experiments with how we perceive water and the state of the boat in the various changing conditions of the sea. While the conditions are […]

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Brian Lee // Dunman High School // Cyanotype Installation // 22cm by 22cm by35cm The work questions the situation of the conserving heritage shophouses in Singapore and how conservation is generally seen as a reinterpretation or keeping of the actual structure and facade without efforts at conserving interior spaces and humanistic elements related to the […]

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Cheong Sze-Yenn, Peicai Secondary School // Keith Ang, Jurong Secondary School // Md Nasiruddin, St Antony’s Canossian Secondary School // Video // 4 mins This work attempts to envelope the viewer in sensory manifestations of doubt by punctuating seemingly mundane episodes with questionable realities. While it spawns from diverse individual influences such as pop culture, […]

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Cyberbully Alert

Ching Yuk Ling // Fairfield Methodist Primary School // Oil Painting // 102cm by 76cm The cyber world, fronted by social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, is eating away our human spirit rapidly. The cyber world, a non-physical space, has eroded human warmth. The physical human touch and expressions such as a smile, handshake, […]

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Seven Deadly Sins

Chua Jing Tong Catherine, Zhang Shu Hui Candy // Damai Secondary School // Colour Pencil and Watercolour// 45.7cm by 61cm This series of works is conceived out of the artists’ attempt to replace mundane motivational posters in the art studio. Inspired by the seven deadly sins, the idea is to adopt a humorous take on […]

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Live The Question

Chun Wee San // Singapore Teachers’ Academy For The Arts // Digital Media // A series of images measuring 3cm by 3 cm “Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves, like locked rooms and like books that are now written in a very foreign tongue. […]

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