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In conjunction with a-edge, STAR organised a 5 full-day art camp on 25 November 2013 to offer teachers with the time and space to conceptualise and create an art work for the exhibition.

29 teachers from primary and secondary schools took part in the inaugural Art Jam. They produced digital prints, assemblage and ceramic works around the exhibition theme. A total of 10 works generated during the camp have been selected for this exhibition.

Three prolific artists, experts in their own fields, were invited to serve as mentors to conduct tutorials for the Art Jam participants. Mr Chua Chye Teck, a photographer who is a passionate collector of images, memories and spaces; Mr Tang Mun Kit, a versatile artist who works with both painting and installation projects and well-known for his utilisation of found objects and ready-mades; and Mr Loh Lik Kian, a ceramicist, famous for his fine craftsmanship and experimental designs.

By engaging practicing artists as mentors, teachers were presented with the opportunity to work with people who are directly involved in the creative field and industry. Besides sustaining their personal practice by refining and redefining their technical skills, the interaction with the three artists encouraged dialogue and discourse, alleviating insights and perspectives for the art teachers. The platform also allowed our teachers to network and exchange experiences and practice with the local art community.

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