Artwork Title: Exploits

Name of Artist: Lydia Lee

School: Northview Secondary School

This lesson is suitable for students in : Secondary 2

Possible Guiding Questions For Discussing Art

Possible Lesson Ideas For Making Art

  1. What do you see in Image 1? What are some similarities that you can identify in Image 1 and Image 2? Can you state some examples of exploitation?
  1. How do advertisers create glamorous ads to attract consumers? 
  1. Do you think we contribute to pollution when we buy these bags? What made you say that? 
In this lesson idea, students would learn about possible human or environmental exploitations that may take place in the fashion industry. 

The teacher can begin the lesson by sparking the student’s curiosity through this video:

The video shows the ongoing pollution that has been caused by the fashion industry. After which, the teacher can facilitate a discussion on possible consequences of pollution caused by the fashion industry. This artwork is one example showing our interaction with our environment.

Possible art task:

Create a bag or vessel that shows our interactions with our environment. Consider altering existing bags/vessels, or re-creating them using re-cycled materials. Use symbols and icons where possible.

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