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Awake and Unafraid

Aedge 1 page spread (1)

As artists, we are very receptive to external influences, as we tend to receive thousands of stimuli (input) through our senses. Within our thoughts, we play with ideas that are received (internal process), and as soon as the idea is concrete, we pick up a brush to create and visualize the concept (output).

However, the notion of this project is to ‘throw concepts out of the window’ and to percept the sensate of the mental process that precedes the project. As I embarked on this, I created as it were, an image that was subconsciously drawn in my mind. I ‘saw’ a blurred vision of the outcome. As I was painting, I allowed myself to be guided by feelings, expression, and intuition (internal mental sense). This free-form triggered a creative process that encouraged the brain to problem-solve. Problem-solving requires imagination, which led to that moment of inspiration. Unusual combinations, mixing unique and bizarre items, stimulating original ideas, is what we conceive as uniquely ours.

Disruption is, therefore, a key ingredient to this process.


For reasons highlighted above, featured below are the thoughts that the artist had considered in the making of Awake and Unafraid and the processes the artist had gone through. Take your time to appreciate the work that had gone behind the single piece of final work. We hope that you too will be able to see that the value of art lies not solely in the outcome but also in the thoughts of the artist and how that was translated through a physical medium. May this will start your creative juices flowing. Happy art-making!

Artist’s Proposal:


Suvitha mentioned that her exploration with such art-making begun when she took a module in NIE. This coupled with the difficulties faced by her students, most of whom had no choice but to take Art, and found it daunting and difficult, led her to further experiment with this form of art.

Aedge 2 page spread (1)

Done by: Suvitha Pillay

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