Digital Print & AR, 2021
Wang Mo

He really had been through death, but he had returned because he could not bear the solitude.

Gabriel García Márquez, One Hundred Years of Solitude

2020 was a year marked by challenges and pain across the world. On a  personal level,  it was a year that forced me to delve deeper to re-examine the meaning of life and death. Indeed, 2020,  awarded  me with a rude awakening. As I try to heal my feelings from the air of despondency in 2020, I picked up the camera wanting to gain an understanding of how others coped with the situation

Thinking about my late grandmother (for the longest time she was the only reason why I worked hard to be who I want to be), I was drawn to focus attention on the elderly. In this trying time, when even the young and hopeful are lost or frantically trying to adjust to the ‘New Normal’, how then, are the older generation embracing these troubled times?

Behind the veil of anxiety and boredom, would there be other aspects of their lives, hopes, ambitions left undiscovered? As I walked around engaging them in small casual talks, I listened, and heard their dreams, their versions of x-possibilities of what life could be/ mean to them in ways that we do not see…

2020年下半年流连在牛车水的小巷里,我有幸遇到几位老人家。 我并没有带着专业的摄影器材,但是看到她/他们的时候,脑子里有个声音告诉我要留下那些画面。为什么喜欢注意老年人呢?也许,和阿奶有关吧,她曾是我愿意将善良留在世上原因,总是喜欢听她聊她的故事,直到,再也听不到。老人家们,很多都是孤独的,或是心态,或是神态,又或是状态。



A visual artist born who is interested in exploring human relationship with nature and their immediate environment. Her experience living in major cities such as Beijing, Singapore and London landed her interest in studying cross cultural practices and invited her to explore further on human conditions and other related issues.

Read more about a x edge 2020 and the existing artworks.

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