Mixed media on fabric, 2022
Nuurulhuda Binte Hasbolah & Sharifah Nurul Zakiah
Seng Kang Secondary School, Kranji Secondary School

A collaborative collage and exploratory works of two ATM (Artist/Teacher/Mummy) who took the courage to find pockets of time to document and express their emotions and visual voice using colours, textures and layers created by both traditional mediums and everyday objects. Reflecting on the different roles they play in these pressing times and to cater to the needs of the changing world, the works were co-created together with their children physically and virtually; with the works being exchanged, added on, composited and collaged together using mixed media and technology before finally being transferred into fabric. The back and forth process and interplay of media also represent how our thought processes bounce off each other. The works create a dialogue of two individuals who share commonalities and challenges and allow it to unfurl through a visual representation. The dynamic process of creating the work poetically depicts how we wear many hats while multi-tasking and making 10000 decisions a day. A tapestry of flow that attempts to portray emotions such as frustration, happiness, fun, exploration and many more.

Nuurulhuda is an art teacher with 8 years of teaching experience in Secondary school art education. She graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts(NAFA) with a Diploma in Fine Arts, majoring in Western Painting. As an educator, she believes in allowing students to take time to discover their abilities in art making and to commit to creative processes but still allow ample space for error. 

She finds joy in capturing spontaneous brushstrokes and lines, seeing some as mistakes or accidental marks which in return adds beauty to the artwork. Becoming a mother has been a whole different journey and experience all together, but getting her daughter to contribute to this collaborative work is another milestone of hers achieved.

The concept of narrative and play has always been the soul of Sharifah’s artworks. An art educator who is professionally trained in Visual Communication, Contemporary Arts and Art Education, she believes in the vital role of being immersed in the art making process and exploring with different mediums both traditional and digital. The back-and-forth acts as a reflexive process in making critical choices, changes and sacrifices. Similar to wearing the different hats as an artist, teacher, mother, the lines are always blurred and often overlapping. Layering colours, textures and strokes using unconventional tools, recycled materials and digital imaging softwares are her language of expression.

Read more about a e d g e 2022 and the existing artworks.

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