Video Installation, 2021 Ryan Goh Advertisements in our public spaces present images that seep into our daily unconscious consumption. They arrest our visual attention in order to mediate our thoughts, ideas, feelings, and desires. The uncommon empty, degenerate, or dysfunctional billboard therefore teases a contemplative irony – it simultaneously shirks its usual visual authority, while […]

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If I Told You the Truth, Would it Make a Difference?

Mixed Media Installation, 2021 Nurulhuda Binte Mustafa A group of 50 students were asked to share what makes them different. They could write, create or donate a personal object that responded to the question or choose not to respond. The question was borne out of a desire to understand how we are more different than […]

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Mixed Media, 2021 Sim Kim Hong A receptacle with various points of entry, ‘Conundrum’ is an interactive sculpture that underscores the ambivalence, constraint, self-doubt and passing of time in decision making. This singular yet faceted entity offers sensory experiences to viewers, presenting to them the conflicting nature of the deliberative process, through dichotomies between concealment […]

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Stoneware, Glazes, Slips, Oxides, Rattan skin & Twig, 2020 Hairol Bin Mohamed Hossain The inspiration for this art piece came from the Bahasa Indonesian word ‘Tegar’ which means rigid and unyielding. For this creation, I am pushing the boundaries of rigidity and unyieldingness by creating textures, cracks and dents during the most malleable state of […]

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