Re-straint… (2014)

2014, Plaster in Glass Jar, 10 x 11 cm, Series of 12 By HAIROL MD HOSSAIN, Anderson Secondary School, Art Coordinator This installation – where I cast my own lips using plaster bandage – depicts the everyday restraint in my speech. Spray-painted red, the lips illustrate the desire to be heard. But our words are sometimes trapped in a vacuum. We celebrate freedom of speech and expression. […]

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If You Don’t Study Well, You Will Be Sweeping The Streets (2014)

2014, Broom, Dustpan, and Paper, Dimensions Variable By FOO TIANG WENG, Mee Toh School, Art Teacher A common statement used by generations, past and present, onto students. Is it meant to be an encouragement, a threat or both? How does a seemingly well-intended statement reflect on our views, perceptions and regards of sweepers in our society […]

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A Break Between Two Recesses (2014) / Set Adrift (2014)

A Break Between Two Recesses (Detail), 2014, Digital Print, 330 x 50 cm By DORATHY LYE, Singapore International School, Hong Kong, Head of Department Art & Special Projects This body of photographic works stems from a preoccupation with the capacity of vessels to be useful tools and modes of transportation in our society, especially in […]

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Vanishing Tiger (2014)

2014, Oil on Canvas, 102 x 76 cm By CHUA WEIQIANG, Yishun Town Secondary School, Art Teacher The work Vanishing Tiger could be interpreted literally or metaphorically. At first glance, broad and strong brush-strokes can be recognized throughout the abstract piece. A closer study would show tinge of orange covered by the predominate shades of green and blue. In actual fact, I […]

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Free Flow (2013)

2013, Acrylic on Canvas, 80 x 100 cm By CHONG KUI CHEONG, GABRIEL, Bedok North Secondary School, Art Teacher The mood is the controlling factor of this abstract painting. Its creation employs the elements of lines, shapes, textures and colours resulting in the composition of happiness, peace and contentment. Since the abstraction is not representational, the viewer is free to get involved with his or her own […]

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Self-Portraits (2014)

2014, Digital Print on Mixed Media, 50 x 50 cm, Series of 2 By ADZMEY BIN ASMOM, Junyuan Secondary School, Art & Drama Teacher These artworks are the culmination of months of investigation into and experimentation with materials, mediums, tools and techniques interwoven with a process of personal catharsis.  I used familiar images as subject matter to convey a subtle narration of personal […]

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Art Jam (2013)

In conjunction with a-edge, STAR organised a 5 full-day art camp on 25 November 2013 to offer teachers with the time and space to conceptualise and create an art work for the exhibition. 29 teachers from primary and secondary schools took part in the inaugural Art Jam. They produced digital prints, assemblage and ceramic works around […]

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