Self-Portraits (2014)

2014, Digital Print on Mixed Media, 50 x 50 cm, Series of 2 By ADZMEY BIN ASMOM, Junyuan Secondary School, Art & Drama Teacher These artworks are the culmination of months of investigation into and experimentation with materials, mediums, tools and techniques interwoven with a process of personal catharsis.  I used familiar images as subject matter to convey a subtle narration of personal […]

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Art Jam (2013)

In conjunction with a-edge, STAR organised a 5 full-day art camp on 25 November 2013 to offer teachers with the time and space to conceptualise and create an art work for the exhibition. 29 teachers from primary and secondary schools took part in the inaugural Art Jam. They produced digital prints, assemblage and ceramic works around […]

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