Diana Ghazali // Northbrooks Secondary School // Charcoal on Paper with Nails // 206cm by 270cm

The homogeneous, modular designs of Housing Development Board (HDB) public housing are prominent aspects of Singapore’s topography. The orderly and regulative lifestyle of our fast-paced urban city is transposed into an aesthetic treatment: the grid-like pattern of individual units (flats), with quadrangles of windows almost hiding the structure within, and, resonate with the larger town plan. We have a rhythmic landscape of block upon block of nearly indistinguishable facades.

Through the series of monochromatic surfaces, ˈkɒnstrʌkt brings forward into question the effects of dense, high-rise living. At the same time, it presents to us the peculiar “beauty” in which structures and systems fall easily into place.

Lesson Idea

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