Hazel Lim // Loyang Secondary School // Digital Manipulation // 30cm by 42cm My work explores my relationship with places. I am trying to express a sense of melancholy and longing for home. Influenced by Surrealism, I was interested in how memories and past feelings juxtaposed with how I experience a new place. Digital manipulations […]

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Eternal Sunshine

Hew Soo Hun // Nanyang Junior College // Installation // 100cm by 100cm Creases, carefully ironed onto a baby’s napkin, form a radial pattern suggesting the sun. Instead of taking out the creases, the iron is used to perform the exact opposite to create an image of the sun to pay tribute the homemaker’s labour […]

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Searching Re-Search

Ira Wati Sukaimi, Nurulhuda Mustafa // Mayflower Secondary School // Interactive Installation  This collaborative artwork is developed from a dialogue between the artists, Nurulhuda and Ira Wati, a beginning teacher of 7 months and an experienced teacher of 20 years respectively. As the dialogue flourished, both teacher-artists reconciled their differences and discovered common struggles when […]

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How Do We…?

Jasmine Tan Jia Min, BA (Arts) National Institute Of Education // Juraimy Abu Bakar, CHIJ Katong Convent // Painting // 21cm by 29cm Two artists. Two ideas. Two different generations. Two approaches. But, one artistic endeavour to symbolically represent the transition process we’re interrogating. This transition process represent our quest to navigate our way between […]

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Joseph Ng Swee Seng // CHIJ Toa Payoh secondary School //Photography // 21cm by 29cm Photography as an art form in its nascent years, had been exclusive to few people due to cost and accessibility. An engineer, Steven Sasson, from Eastman Kodak invented and produced the first digital camera in 1975. Since then, the technology […]

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Incohate Relations

Kanade Pooja Pramod // Hong Kah Secondary School // Mixed Media // 30cm by 30cm This artwork questions the activities going on in one’s mind when the fear of privation kicks in. The experience can be excruxiating. Glue in this work symbolises a fear of being trapped in a situation and not being able to […]

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Letters To Myself

Karen Yeh // Arts Education Branch // Digital Print // 30cm by 30cm The artist wrote letters to different individuals, asking them for their personal concept of an everyday memento mori – a reminder of the transient state of our lives – in the form of an image, a text or a thing. The variety […]

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Karmilah Khamis, Marie-Elena Louisa Soliano, Michelle Han Shu Qing, Md Lokman, Zaki Zulfakar // Si Ling Secondary School // Mixed Media // 100cm by 100cm by 200cm This series of five individual artworks aims to portray how individuals can co-exists and give meaning to each of our existence. Each musical receptacle serves as an orchestrated […]

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Lydia Lee Wei En // Northview Secondary School // Mixed Media // 45cm by 60cm In this world that we live in, natural disasters, epidemics and wars are events that are constantly heard and seen in the news. While we are the fortunate ones, there are others that suffer in pain and agony. How long […]

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Via (Vahy-Uh)

Nurhafizah Husin // Yuying Secondary School // Mixed Media // 84cm by 59.5cm This exploratory work explores the relationship between physical marks, sounds and journeys. I combine my memories and observations of my everyday surroundings to tell a story through abstract wondering marks. The story – and marks – continues to grow as I rely […]

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Nurhidayah Moliano, Xinmin Secondary School // In collaboration with, Nurmaisharah Noordin // Film // 2mins 51 secs The work aims to evoke a feeling of suspense through the depiction of empty spaces. The scene is reminiscent of abandoned spaces. The video is accompanied with exaggerated soundtracks and sound effects. The work is about memories stored in […]

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Nurmasnita Md Dena // Dunman Secondary School // Mixed Media // 102cm by 76cm – 122cm by 61cm – 92cm by 92cm The word ‘Pause’ provides the conceptual frame for this artwork. As human beings, we often rush through time. In ‘Pause’, the artist creates an opportunity for viewers to suspend their own daily lives […]

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