Desert Song (2009) / Desert Inspiration (2009)

Desert Song, 2009, Watercolours on paper, 50 x 70 cm (framed) Desert Inspiration, 2009, Watercolours on paper, 50 x 70 cm (framed) By TAN HWEE PHENG, CHARLOTTE, CHIJ Secondary School, Senior Teacher These works are from my series Erosion of Memories, inspired from my own personal experience in the Australian desert in Fowler’s Gap, Broken Hill in New South Wales. The fragile beauty […]

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Lesson Ideas

Making: Art Lesson Ideas (2014) The lesson ideas presented here invites art educators to extend their engagement with contemporary art—be it making or viewing—back into the art classroom. This handout builds on the momentum and interests with the last edition, Making: Art Lesson Ideas, (2013) and features new examples in the form of guiding questions and art tasks. With these […]

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Three Thermos Flasks (2013)

2013, Acrylic on canvas, 100 x 50 cm By SUHAIMI BIN SUKIYAR, Assumption Pathway School, Head of Department The thermos flask was a common sight in the kitchen in the 50s until the 70s.It was an everyday object. Choosing this as my main subject, I decided to add a contemporary twist to it by using vibrant colours and oriental motifs. Incidentally, it is also my response to an […]

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Loss/t (2014)

2014, Video, 4:3 By SOPHIA NATASHA WEI JUNHAO, MOE SDCD/ Arts Education Branch, Art Education Officer In collaboration with former student MABEL SIM JIA HUI The artists are Natasha, former art teacher, who grew in relationship with Mabel by being privy to her family situation; and Mabel Sim, former PJC student, MOE teaching scholar and current ADM student, inspired to teach. We […]

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I don’t know how (dash) to draw (2014)

2014, Writing materials on paper, Dimensions variable By 日 I don’t know how (dash) to draw is a community project initiated by the duo 日 (pronounced as air-ferl). Departing from one of the most common comments made when speaking about art to both children and adults, this project hopes to showcase drawings made by fans of this statement. 日is inviting both participants […]

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In search of the green-city in me (2013-2014)

2013-2014, Digital Print, 250 x 300 cm By NORLITA MARSUKI, Orchid Park Secondary School, Subject Head, Aesthetics In search of the green city in me focuses on how I must make the effort to put aside quality time to activate my senses to really see, enjoy, experience what the beautiful and colourful physical world can offer me. […]

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The Forgotten Alley (2013)

2013, Digital Print, 841 x 594 mm, Series of 3 By MUHAMMAD RAZALI BIN PUASA, CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School (Secondary), Art Teacher Dark, dingy and dripping with unseen dangers, derelict buildings form the alley. It offers a quick connection, but often accompanied with the smell of stale urine, the sight of garbage and the fear of uncertainty, which oftenprompt its user to forget its […]

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