Creativity 101

2015, Rubber duckie, Chinese ink, plastic water dispenser bottle, found brick, 40cm x 40cm x 40cm By LIAO ZIYAN, Bendemeer Secondary School As an art educator, my convictions regarding Art and Education are constantly challenged—Does our educational establishment stifle creativity? Can we teach creativity? Can creativity and education coexist? These questions framed my art-making process, with the […]

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Kerongsang Serong Refound II

2015, Tarpaulin, stretched canvas, beer bottle, plastic bag, stool, 100cm x 30cm x 30cm By LIM BOON ENG, Gan Eng Seng School   In Peranakan tradition, one of the most prized material possessions of a Nyonya is the kerongsang serong (literally ‘brooch slanted’ in Malay), which comprises one large elaborate kerongsang ibu (‘mother’) and two smaller […]

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A|cknowl|edge a| myriad of knowl|edge

2015, Pedestal, books, bottles, shadow projection on wall, Dimensions variable  By MASLINA MOHAMED JALANI,  Yusof Ishak Secondary School     A|cknowl|edge a| myriad of knowl|edge’ is an interplay of linguistic morphology based on the a|edge, an acronym for ‘Art Educators’ Developmental & Generative Explorations. Morphology, derived from Greek, means the ‘study of shape’. The installation aims to challenge […]

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Portrait of an Old Warrior (2015)

2015, Performance Art, TV Screen By MAZLAN MUHAMMAD, St Gabriel Secondary School   My journey and interest into Balinese culture started in 2003 while studying in Australia.  There, I picked up traditional Gamelan music and danced the Topeng [mask] routines during the weekends, as well as at folk festivals, before returning home in 2005 to play […]

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Heart to Heart to Heart (II): Balik Kampung

2015, Photographs, Objects, Dimensions variable By VICTORIA LOY, Singapore Teachers’ Academy for the aRts      Balik Kampong refers to ‘returning to one’s hometown’ in Malay. For me, it means leaving the hectic city life to enjoy a few days of serene village life in Pengerang, a quaint fishing village, the hometown of my in-laws. Each […]

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How Else Would I Know You Care (2015)

2015, Digital Painting, Dimensions variable By XIE SHANGYI, ​Nanyang Girls’ High School    My mother and I love each other, but I barely know her.” How Else Would I Know You Care is inspired by a conversation during the school parent-teacher meeting where a parent expressed the frustration and helplessness in communicating with the child. […]

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